COBE architects & Euro Group have developed an aesthetic new design for Euro Group

Today’s urban spaces have more and more soft transitions between public and private spheres, the backyards of the past are becoming fewer and fewer. It creates a renewed demand for the aesthetic qualities of our waste systems, which in many cases today become visibly prominent elements in public spaces. Cobe, in collaboration with EuroGroup, has created the Grobe series, which as a product family can handle all the commonly known waste situations for residential areas, offices and light industry.

The series consists of both buried container solutions as well as above-ground solutions. The shape-based starting point is easily legible inspiration from the simple house with a gable roof, as every child would draw it. The angled top functions both as a simple cover and drainage, but also provides a surface for throwing in that is visible and ergonomically natural for all users of the facility.

The steel and aluminum materials are tough, honest and will last for many years of use. No unnecessary surface treatments have been added and all components can be disassembled for easy replacement/reuse. The sides are made of sheet material with profiling that gives a refined light/shadow play and reduces the risk of sticking posters etc.

You can learn more about Euro Grobe here..!