Underground waste container for daily waste, bottles and paper

These containers cater for the perfect waste system, i.a. in relation to economy, hygiene, weight compression, environment and operation.

The Euro se-pl’s capacity is up to 5 m3

The greater compression ratio means that the emptying frequency can be significantly reduced compared to the traditional system – an environmental side benefit.

The container is placed inside a concrete box which is installed at the same time as the container and is part of the whole concept.

The containers include a drum insert (which ensures that bulky waste or other large effects cannot
thrown in the container) is made of galvanized steel and the emptying is the common 2 hook system or another desired emptying system (bottom emptying).

There are several different types of sealing off the hole when emptying, e.g. safety floor or lifting barrier.

The top can be painted in any color or covered.

Compared to similar types of containers, Euro se-pl is more robust than most others, which are produced in plastic or similar material (robust when emptying and rat-proof).

Euro se-pl is 40 cm underground, which makes this type of container suitable for areas with many cables and pipes in the ground.

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