Environmental Policy

Euro Groups basic environmental policy is formulated with a background in the recycling of our waste and waste praducts at no additional contamination of society. It is important to continuously adjust the energy consumption so that we do not consume more than necessary. It is furter essential that employees’ working conditions meet the statutory requirements of work.

We should feel good about leaving the environment to the many generations after us, without having them believe that it is we who have polluted the community unnecessarily by not thinking ahead.

Based on the foregoing, we have also established a purchasing policy that seeks to insure that we do not provide society with more pollution. Euro Group amkes sure that this is followed by our supplies, by getting an environmental profile for the company, and ensure that the products purchased pollutes as little as possible, and that the products will be recycled after use e.g. in connection with the manufacture of other products.

EuroGroup also ensures that our suppliers meet all legal requirements imposed to run this type of company. Be it recycling of residues, energy economy and working conditions for employees.

Euro Group reviews this environmental policy often in relation to whether there are new situations that must be taken into account or other points to be adjusted. The assessment of the above is done minimum twice a year.