Euro Gelactiv® effectively treats all odor nuisances in waste containers and sewer systems.

• Removes bad odor from e.g. waste containers, sewers, etc.
• Plymer matrix filled with active agents dedicated to inhibiting sulfur H2S, mercaptans, etc.

Euro Gelactiv® releases active odor neutralizing components and inhibits sulfur H2S inhibition, mercaptans, etc.


• Very simple to implement and use.
• The gel plate is attached to a metal grid, with a metal ring so that

It is hung up in e.g. a buried waste container.

• Long lasting effect: ut to 3 months.
• Competitive on price and quality.

Euro Gelactiv® CE350 makes it possible to treat and neutralize the air currents directly in waste containers or sewer pipes.

Wear gloves when fitting. 

Avoid getting the product in th eyes or on the skin or clothing. 

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