Euro VBP


Vertical Baling Presses with hydraulic.

RECYCLING: cardboard, paper, PET packaging, plastic, wooden crates, aluminum and steel packaging, barrels, tin cans, plastic cans.
Bonding with PVC band.


Press Type Power (v/KW) Thrust force (tonnes) Bale weight (kg) Bale dimension
(W x D x H, mm)
Outline dimensions
(W x D x H, mm)
Euro-VBP10 220 V / 2,2 kW 10 t do 100 kg 600x510x550 950x800x2440
Euro-VBP15 220 V / 3,0 kW 15 t do 200 kg 700x710x650 1100x1050x2870
Euro-VBP20 220 V / 4,0 kW 20 t do 250 kg 1000x710x650 1100x1250x2870