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Underground containers with sack


Made of a seamless, 100% recyclable, UV steady and dyed high density rotomolded polythene monobloc. Excellent resistance to impact and corrosion ( salt, snow, sea wind, detegents, pollution..) With a temperature slot which goes from -30 degress up to + 60 degress Valory containers can be set up anywhere. The tub is watertight to prevent polluting the soil.

Valory I 300, 3000, 4000 & 5000 L: Fill up with advantages.

Autoclave treated wood or plastic lining ( can match the colour of the lid) which are built into the external surface of the tub. No angels or unsafe parts. Undermeath each lid the drop’s size is adapted to the type of wastes collected. A “king size” drop with a lock is also available for bigger waste producer.

The filling up is optimized thanks to the two openings on each side. The traps can be swapped with another type of opening as for instance: drums with a large capacity of 120 liters.

Two standard types of grasps: simple hook or Kinshofer.

Semi-underground columns permits the reduction of noises (a soundproofing foam can also be added). Thanks to its capacity illegal dumping as well as wastes lying on the roads will not be a problem anymore.

The access to containers is better (snow, children, and elderly people).

The Valory range has been designed with the French Association for paralyzed people, in order to make it easy to access for disabled people.


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