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The silenced and waterproof letter flap

We are proud to present the patented world news – the RSK Letter Flap: The silenced and waterproof letter flap.

No more annoying noise

The residants behind the wall with the mailbox system knows the noise. When the wind plays with the letter flaps on the mail boxes which are placed outside, or when the postman and the paperboy delivers mail to the whole building. The RSK flap puts an end to the noise. A hydraulic brake ensures that it is impossible to slam the letter flap. The system is maintenance free and works perfectly even in ­-20oC till +70oC.

No more wet letters and newspapers

It is a beautiful solution to integrate the mailbox system directly into the entrance hall. These mailbox systems are however very exposed to wind and weather in general. The RSK flap ensures that the mail always is dry and that the letter flap doesn’t rattle in the wind. The system works like a gutter. The water is effectively lead away via canals in the letter flaps’ top and sides.

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